Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Snippets of: Van Gogh to Kandinsky

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The National Galleries of Scotland have a pretty good show on
at the moment,

Now, I don't really like landscape paintings, and I didn't really remember the Symbolist movement from my Arts A-Levels
but Van Gogh made me go!
Here are most of my favourites
(I'm not spoiling anything because you have to go and see for yourself, these digital copies don't remotely give you the real deal.
If you want to lose yourself in colours, textures and emotions... GO!)

Nocturne: grey & silver (James Whistler)

 Wheatfield with reaper (Van Gogh)

Evening poem (Alphonse Osbert)

Tomyris & Cyrus (Gustave Moreau)

RiddarfjÀrden, Sweden (Eugene Jansson)

The sower (Van Gogh)

The storm (August Strindberg)
** Okay, this one was not in it - awesome though? - they showed Alpine Landscape, which was pretty good too **

The forest (Prince Eugene)

Woods near Oele (Piet Mondrian)

Calm before storm (Hans Thoma)

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  1. I saw this show is Amsterdam and it blew me away! I never liked the Symbolists and this exhibition changed my mind completely - I've never had that experience before and I see a lot of shows.

    Fantastic to see this post.


  2. Oooh great we got the same experience!
    The power of a well thought out exhibition...


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