Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Oh I love!

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Kinda into this gavroche look right now,
what do you think?
(with a good hat)


  1. Stumbled onto your blog, and I love it. I like dresses too, and make purchases from Modcloth for many Emily and Fin designs. I like seeing the clothes and where to buy them, or to just look and think about it. The variety is very nice. I also love cats - we have 6 of them!

  2. thank you so much!

    Oh my, 6 kitties, how do you do it? Are they ruling the house? :p

  3. Genie is nearly 16 yrs old and never leaves the bedroom - we let her have anything she wants! Ana is 15 and goes in and out, and she is large and silently in charge - nobody messes with her. Pumpkin is about 12, and the vet told us he has no teeth(?), and he goes in and out, although he is the scaredy cat type. Lily, the only one we got as a baby, doesn't realize how good she has it. She is 7. So is Belle, who is the funniest thing you ever met. Then there is Angel, 6 years old, a true angel if there ever was one, the absolute perfect cat. They are all rescues from various pet organizations.

    I do clean the catboxes a LOT and vacuum very frequently!


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