Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Snippets of: Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition

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Really not impressed by this exhibition but at least I didn't pay for it (exceptionally free last Friday! usually £5)

Here are the few pieces that stood up:

Painterly problems, Andrew Cranston.


 Dance of death, Steve Dilworth.

 Mr Crow, Steve Dilworth.

 Rook, Steve Dilworth, 1980.

Body "04.11.08", Gwen Hardie, 2008.

Body "12.18.10", Gwen Hardie, 2010.

Body "12.09.10", Gwen Hardie, 2010.

Used Travel Card Receipts 1, Paul Westcombe, 2011

Used Travel Card Receipts 2, Paul Westcombe, 2011

 Used Travel Card Receipts 3, Paul Westcombe, 2011

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