Thursday, 31 May 2012


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Unfortunately, I don't think this great Japanese novel has been translated in English...
I re-read it in French this week because I hate flying and I remembered it as a slow-moving, melancholic, soft and "exotic" story (perfect to stop thinking about a plane crash) when I first read it during my trip to Iceland 3 years ago
(the book was a gift from my Mum - she has great taste in books)

 This French movie by the g√©nialissime director Jacques Audiard deeply moved me, I thought it was great when I watched it, and snippets of it kept re-emerging in my mind throughout the day
(I saw it in the morning in a Parisian cinema).
For once, I didn't read or see anything beforehand about the movie and I thought it was even better!

Do you know Audiard's work?
If not, you have to at least see Read my lips and A prophet 
(my favourites)

and a catchy song:

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