Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Snippets of: British Art Show disappointment & promising Art Festival

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Yesterday I went to Glasgow, all excited about the British Art Show 7.
Meh. It wasn't good. The venues are amazing (especially the Gallery of Modern Art) but the art was shit.
Except Sarah Lucas' work, which I LOVED.
**EDIT: I loved Milena Dragicevic's work too**


(I was not the only one thinking it was crap, you should have seen the comments left in the visitors book...)

Let's stay positive, this August I can't wait to see 400 Women at Canongate Venture, Anish Kapoor, Body Bags and the Postgraduate Show at the ECA, Ragamala at the Talbot rice Gallery, Jewellery of the World and Children of Asia at Galerie Mirages, Left to my own devices at New media Scotland and...i'm going to stop here before you get overwhelmed like I did.

( a bit surreal to be in joyful, festive Edinburgh with all the horror going on in London)

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  1. omg! haha well thats some art! mental!!! :DDD


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