Saturday, 9 July 2011

Snippets of: Scottish Art by a thundery day

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Could you believe the weather yesterday?? Apparently Morningside got flooded.
I was in the centre with my famous cow umbrella.

I went to see the Scottish Art 1650 - 2010 exhibition at the City Art Centre. Amazing pieces! (amazing space too)

My favourite piece (Brian's too) was "Daydreams" by Francis H. Newbery (no picture i'm afraid, sorry).

        "The black hat" by Francis C.B Cadell

"The blue lamp" by John Duncan Fergusson               

          "The blue hat" by the same artist.

 "Seashore roses" by Edward Hornel                     

          "Beach and night sky" by John Houston

"Storm cloud" by William Mc Taggart                 

 and the great "Pictures from no man's land" project by the photographer David Williams.

The show ends tomorrow Sunday, go and have a look, it's free!

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