Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Observations in the library

Pin It I have been spending a copious amount of time in the Central library these past few weeks (free wireless internet!) and I encountered a hell lot of annoying people:

- the group of cackling teenage girls pretending to work who giggle every time one of the boys comes by to ask an eraser??? then oh it's time to go back to work oh wait i need a sip of water/chewing-gum/energy bar... let's concentrate, iPod on...hah i need typex and will ask my girlfriend...who starts to talk to me about her plans for the future and blablabla and blablabla...going back to her desk (still giggling) then *sigh* this is hard work
(I was like them at their age...)

-the two Spanish women who come every day after lunch to talk very LOUDLY on Skype (beautiful language though, not great when you're already trying to translate from English to French...)

- the huffing and puffing guy with big steps who collapses into the next armchair with a big sigh and his mp3 player blasting then keeps on snorting his nose out (and can be entertained for 2 hours staring at his phone?)

- the ladies with heels going down the (numerous) stairs of the library clickety-clacking all the way (some men are not better I can tell you)

- the guy who comes just to eat his sandwich, of course wrapped in a very noisy crisp paper bag

....yes I know i need to breathe...

(Aha i am procrastinating)

                          (if I could draw i would have illustrated this post with delicious details)

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