Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Meadows Festival 2011

Pin It Very exciting, the Meadows Festival is back this weekend!
Expect music, food, capoeira, charities, drums, a dog show and lots of other cool stuff.
Here is what's going to happen in all the different stages, and you can always check the festival's website or their facebook page:



5.40pm - Captain Slackship's Mezzanine Allstars
4.45pm - The Banana Sessions
4.10pm - Edinburgh Samba School
3.30pm - Das Contras
2.35pm - How To Swim
1.40pm - Daccordianna
12.45pm - The Union Canal
11.50 - Zoe Moskal-Guy & Alan Coady
11.am - Kalatara


5.35pm - Portnawak & The Woo
5.05pm - Beastie Drummers
4.25pm - The Mike Kearney Katet
3.30pm - Friends Are Friends
2.35pm - The Ordinary Allstars
1.40pm - Baobab Gateway
12.45pm - Chandra
11.55am - John Sampson & Stewart Hanratty
11am Totally Sound: Clog & The Quirks
Mad Tango



12:00 :: 1SP
12.45:: Kung Fu Mother
1:30 :: The Pineapple Chunks
2.15pm :: Ruby & The Emeralds
3.00pm :: Dark Jokes
3.45pm :: Donna Maciocia
4:30pm :: Punch & The Apostles
Akimbo Divine - DJ between sets


12:00 :: Miasma
12.40pm :: Hiva Oa
1.20pm :: Small Feet Little Toes
2.00pm :: Missing Cat
2.40pm :: The Stagger Rats
3:20pm :: Lewis Gibson & The Midas Touch
4:00pm :: Jesus H. Foxx
4:40pm :: Delta Mainline
Vangelis - DJ between sets



12.30pm – Rudolf Steiner Gym demo
1pm - Mao no Chao - Capoeria- Demo and class
2pm - Jody Greig - Magic show
2.30pm – Break Dancers
3pm – Capoeria- Senzala - Demo and class
4pm – OneSp and Friends – Local live hip hop music
4.30pm – Pyro Catz - Kan Kan - show and workshop
5pm - Counter Point - Drum show


12.30pm – Dance Ihayami – Bollywood show and workshop
1pm - Capoirta – Malungos- Demo and class
2pm - Jody Greig –Magic show
2.30pm – Toll Cross Circus State- Acro demo and class
3pm – Borroco- Belly Dancing -show and class
3.30pm - Yee Shung Gae - Kung Fu class
4pm – Processional Drummers - Drum Show
4.30pm – Twisted Tails - Belly dance show-
5pm - PyroCeltica -show

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