Thursday, 17 February 2011

Here in Edinburgh.... The Red Door Gallery

Pin It In Victoria Street look for the bright red door and the exquisite trinklets on display in the windows... you're now in serious danger of spending the next half an hour going "ooooohh" and "aaaaahh" with delight when you discover all the treasures of this "boutique art space"!
That's where you can find the gift-nobody-thought-about (think more moustache ring and red moka pot printed teatowel here), the coolest owl printed bag (that I proudly own), art prints, quirky jewellery and special cards, plus the always exciting lomo cameras.


            Bathing bear card by Lisa Jones.

              Coral mini blanket by Donna Wilson.

          Tinyment by Finch and Fouracre.

           Boo badge by Belle and Boo.

               Cut out rocking horse card by Alice Melvin.


          Wildlife of London natural tote bag by Garudio Studiage.

           Yellow hobby horse card by Nineteenseventythree.

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